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Welcome to The Sadistic Practitioner

Building stronger bonds through BDSM because real intimacy is paramount in fake world. Therapeutic, Real & Results Focused!!

My approach to alternative therapies is intimate in the sense I rely on human connection instead of machines. Classic coaching with implements, attire and furnishings is what interest me. After all, what is alternative therapy without human connection? As well, I will never offer a list of services, as I prefer to customize each session to the individuals needs. This is Alternative Lifestyle coaching at its' finest and completely tailored to your needs!

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For Therapy & Pleasure

At The Sadistic Practitioner Inc., we’re proud of the work we do. Since 2000, we’ve been exploring all the wonderful subcultures & intricacies that go along with this rich lifestyle. The community is a colorful palette of human beings seeking something different. There is never anything to feel ashamed of or too taboo. Within consent and legal restrictions this is a private and consensual space between only you and your play partner(s). Avoid entertaining partner(s) that do not have the same value systems or may exploit the trust that two of you have given each other. We are all at different stages of learning about our craft, bodies and general psychology. So please play safe and choose your partner(s) & trainers wisely as when in an agreed upon partnership these profound bonds that are created through BDSM will represent a deeper level of love and intimacy. Thus resulting in the bricks of a solid foundation for a lasting partnership. These foundation pillars are respect, trust, honesty and object consistency when practised between both partner(s) then the  sky is truly the limit!


Stop Vilifying Kink!!

We all choose our curiosities, our life path, things we focus on, kinks and more importantly the ideology we attach to those things. The more you're truthful with yourself and who you are the lighter and happier you'll be. In this day and age of social movements, sexual preference and general underlying tension why not take a deeper look within. Think of the last time you had a though of your own? It's time to get back to basics and explore who you really are.


Ready To Explore The Other Side?

Fetish or kink is anything the "Vanilla World" condones as unacceptable because most people are conditioned by every other source but themselves as to whats acceptable behavior. I feel this has led to a major divide amongst each other; as no one has the right to decide what is "normal." We are all part of the same race and that is -THE HUMAN RACE, so he without sin cast the first stone! There is nothing wrong with your feelings or curiosities the problem lays within the general public and the fake subscribers to whom those ideologies are set by. However, forcing YOUR ideologies or worse mental health on others and expecting them to comply is barbaric. Therefore, when in a trusting and consensual partnership we must too ensure our needs are being met as there is nothing selfish about stating your boundaries and things you're comfortable with. BDSM is a private consensual space, just as with the Vanilla World. The difference being is BDSM is easily exploitable when not practised safely, or without a general understanding of human physiology, or a complete disregard for any consent or with the wrong partner(s) these partner(s) may be a wife, huband, dominant, boyfriend or girlfriend. At, The Sadistic Practitioner Inc. you are in safe hands and there is nothing too taboo to discuss or be counselled on. Popular topics include: Erectile Dysfunction, Bisexual Curiosities, Grooming, Gender Dysmorphia, Paraphilia, Demonstrative Role Play, Paraphilia, All Life & Sexual Coaching, Accountability Training, Moral Support Service, Holistic Therapy & finally Couples Counselling through BDSM for those that crave something different.

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To Your Path Of Enlightenment

What We Provide


A safe space to discuss or try new things

Hard limits include: Non consensual topics and sessions based on illegal activity. Anything that may jeopardize the safety of the individual or public. Bookings may be done online or via chat portal. This is strictly a therapeutic service for those wanting to build stronger relationships within The Lifestyle or persons whom are interested in exploring what else life has to offer. LGBTQ2S"plus" friendly and open to all.

 Inquire within. I do not diagnose or treat sexual and or mental health conditions, I simply offer a safe space for educational demonstration. Sessions are at your own risk & for entertainment purpose only.

Still have questions? Serious inquiries only. Paragraphs upon paragraphs or inquiries that read like a novel are immediately blacklisted for obvious reasons. Inquiries should be to the point, please provide enough information and include any questions you may have. Less is more, please be concise.

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"A True Dominant, Female Supremacist Always Leaves Her Mark, Physical Or Psychological. You Are The One Who Chooses The Meaning”


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